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Sean Guastavino

Born in California and raised in Bali, Sean has always enjoyed telling stories. Some of them true, some of them exaggerated and some blatant lies yet they are in the very least creative. So now he works towards becoming a theatre maker, and has found roles in its many facets such as acting, design, directing and producing. He is passionate about multi-platform approaches and employing new and old technology to explore, create and captivate. To do this he became a founding member of Those Who Love You, an independent theatre company based in Perth. Sean has recently completed internships with Perth Theatre Company and The Blue Room Theatre, and co-produced his companies debut work “The Secret Garden Project.” He is currently part of the regional touring production of “Hachiko,” with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, and is producing “The Trembling Giant” at the Blue Room Theatre. Sean is also a member of the mixed-arts practice ensemble, Hive.

Sean's CV

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